Miguel Vasquez sentenced to life for murder of Amber Lechuga


Miguel Vasquez sentenced to life for murder of Amber Lechuga

Miguel Vasquez was sentenced this morning to life in prison without chance of parole for the Sept. 25, 2014 murder of 22-year-old Amber Lechuga. Vasquez had been found guilty of the crime on Tuesday by Brown County District Judge Robert Docherty in a bench trial.

A sentencing hearing was held this morning to determine aggravating factors in the case. Assistant Attorney General William Klumpp said he has tried numerous murder cases in his career, but that this case was especially gruesome.

Lechuga was shot in the head, decapitated, dismembered and burned in a fire. Under these circumstances, Klumpp believed life in prison was appropriate.

The defense offered no argument and Vasquez made no official statement.

Docherty said he tried to think of a something eloquent to say to the families hurt by the crime, but there was nothing he could say except to follow the law.

Vasquez will be transferred to the Minnesota Department of Corrections facility in St. Cloud for a 90-day processing, after which he will be sent to a maximum security prison in Minnesota.

In addition to the sentence of life in prison Vasquez will be forced to pay over $22,884 in restitution to pay for the cost of the trial and to the victims. Additional costs will be added to cover the cost of counseling for the two children of Lechuga and Vasquez.

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