Microsoft launches VeriSol Smart Contract Verification Tool

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Engaged in blockchain development for some time, Microsoft, the US computer giant has launched its new product called VeriSol . Developed with Microsoft Research and Microsoft Azure Blockchain , the tool will be used to verify smart contracts on the Ethereum network.

An intelligent contracts verification tool

Microsoft is one of the multinational companies exploring the potential of the decentralized network, just like IBM .

Recently, the company introduced its new tool called VeriSol , which verifies smart contracts based on the Ethereum network.

Cody Born, an engineer at Microsoft Azure explains that:

“VeriSol makes iterating faster with automatic and continuous verification, and allows us to detect bugs faster without having to worry about potential customers.”

In practice, VeriSol will enhance the security of smart contracts from a protocol that allows to control their operations.

Thus, it will prevent malfunctions within the network to eliminate bugs and thus offers some stability to the Blockchain.

A more complete and safe ecosystem for the Blockchain

The security of smart contracts is a recurring problem in Blockchain networks.

Most vulnerabilities that allow hackers to steal or hijack crypto-currencies are often inherent to bugs, which has led Microsoft to tighten protocol verification.

“The modest code size and sequential execution semantics of smart contracts make them subject to scalable auditing, and the open operating environment dramatically reduces the need to manually model the environment in which a smart contract operates” explains Shuvendu Lahiri, researcher at Microsoft.

It is therefore incumbent on both Azure Blockchain developers and customers to set up a complete and authentic Blockchain ecosystem.

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