Melissa McCarthy crowned “worst actress” of the year in the United States

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Is all advertising good to take? Comedian actress Melissa McCarthy will discover after “winning” the satirical Razzies, anti-Oscars award for the worst films of the year on the eve of the Oscars.

Melissa McCarthy was awarded the “Worst Actress” award for her roles in Puppet Carnage , described as not funny by a critic, and Life of the Party , portrayed as “100 minutes of self-talk and boredom” according to another critical. 

But the judges awarded the actress a redemption award for her role in Can You Ever Forgive Me? , for which she was nominated for the (real) Oscars.  

Some films hit by the Razzies did not enjoy the same indulgence.  

Holmes & Watson , of Etan Cohen, received not only the award for the worst film of the year, but also those of worst director, worst “remake” and worst supporting actor (John Reilly). Will Ferrell gets away with only one nomination in the worst actor category.

In this category, it is the American president Donald Trump who was distinguished, for his appearances in two documentaries, in particular the film of Michael Moore Fahrenheit 11/9 .  

The “Golden Raspberry Awards” were invented in a Los Angeles salon in 1981 by former film students and Hollywood professionals. Razzy is the diminutive of the word strawberry in English, which is a symbol of derision and mockery.  

The Oscars will be held Sunday night in Los Angeles.  

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