Martin Lewis sues Facebook for fraudulent crypto-advertising

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Martin Lewis from MoneySavingExpert faced a delicate situation after false investment incentives published on Facebook highlighting its identity. Despite the social network’s defense of the prohibition of misleading ads, many advertisers have been forced to invest via advertisements, which has resulted in the loss of huge sums and desperation for everyone, including suicide. Following these lamentations, Martin decided to formalize Facebook in order to repay the funds lost and especially to repair the damage done on his behalf.

Bitcoin investors desperate

The incentive to invest is a very effective way for hackers to attract fans in various traps. It’s via Facebook that the perpetrators have incited people via fake advertisements highlighting the image of Martin Lewis, a seasoned consumer advisor in the world of investments.

Many of the victims who have pledged huge sums from their savings and even their retirement funds, the Facebook scam proved devastating. The magnitude of the losses is impacting the mental and physical health of some, which has not left Lewis insensitive. On the other hand, the main motive of investments is the presentation of the advisor in advertising incentives. Lewis explains :

“The impact on people’s mental health of losing their pension funds or their children’s money, the money they thought they were investing, is catastrophic and has life-threatening consequences,” before empathizing on the fact.

“You can see how I feel about it. “

The lawsuit against Facebook

Unable to determine the direct perpetrator of these fraudulent acts, Lewis turned to the source of reprimandable ads, ie Facebook. For him, the usurpation of his identity to encourage investment is already a great misfortune, but when the possibility of this act comes to be facilitated by such a large network as Facebook, something must be done . The complaint lodged against the social network concerns the authorization of advertising on its platform without verification of the antecedents of the promoters.

Lewis expects a court decision for compensation, but also a sanction or even order of substantial changes in the management of advertising Facebook. For its part, Zuckerberg’s firm is committed to launching an update on scam prevention.

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