Mark Zuckerberg: “I’m responsible for what happened in this story”


It is not 50 but 86.3 million people who have seen their personal data exploited by Cambridge Analytica. “Never again,” promises Facebook.

Obliged to enter the arena! This Wednesday evening, at 22:00, Paris time , Mark Zuckerberg , creator and CEO of Facebook , was forced to explain himself during a conference call reserved for journalists and at which Le Pointcould participate. It must be said that, a few minutes earlier, the social network was raising the number of people affected by the scandal Cambridge Analytica. No less than 86.3 million people saw private data used without their knowledge. The source of the problem ? Between 2013 and 2015, several tens of thousands of people responded to “Thisisyourdigitallife”, a personality test a priori commonplace. The problem is that Aleksandr Kogan, the researcher who proposed this questionnaire, resold his results, very personal, to Cambridge Analytica, a British company that has used alleged weaknesses of Internet users, and their friends , to influence votes in the last US elections.

In total, more than 80 million people would have been affected, recognized Facebook this April 4, not 50 million Internet users as it was believed until now. Some 305,000 people reportedly answered questions from the application “Thisisyourdigitallife”, against 270,000 people announced so far. “We have these numbers for two days,” said Zuckerberg. In France , no less than 211,591 people have seen their personal data exploited without their knowledge. These data represented “a psychological war weapon” intended to “exploit the mental vulnerabilities” of voters, explained Christopher Wylie, a former employee of Cambridge Analytica.

It was a big mistake. It was my mistake

After calling for a thought for the victims of YouTube – “Silicon Valley is a community, and we all have friends at Google” – the creator of Facebook has made a Wednesday night, a new mea culpa. “We have not taken our responsibility seriously enough. It was a big mistake. It was my mistake. Or again: “I am responsible for what happened. Before launching: “It’s not enough to connect people, you have to make sure the connection is interesting. “It is not enough to give a voice, it must be ensured that it is carried wisely. Finally, “it is not enough to tell our partners to protect the information of our users, we must make sure. Then Mark Zuckerberg wanted more philosopher: “Life is learning from your mistakes. “I started this adventure, I lead it, I’m responsible,” he explained, adding “this is true, including when we run Facebook, which is something that does not have previous in history. While recognizing the role played by the social network in the US and French elections, Mark Zuckerberg explained that other “essential” polls were coming “at Mexico , India, Brazil, Pakistan, Hungary “. “We will correct the situation hoping to have results before the end of the year,” admitted the contractor. He must be quick. For the first time, a New York investment fund has asked that he resign.

What a tumble! The 33-year-old, who just a few weeks ago was taking part in hackhatons at his Menlo Park campus, had a T-shirt on his shoulders and had to overcome his shyness to express himself. The native of White Plains, New York, received as a head of state in Davos, or Sun Valley was disavowed in less than a week by Elon Musk, the singer Cher, or the number one Apple Tim Cook. The one who became the youngest billionaire in the world because he was struggling to approach girls when he arrived at Harvard saw his planetary trombinoscope, once credited with liberating people, suddenly accused of all evil. The click machine has become a slam head. As if targeting messages on Facebook can be more effective than stuffing ballot boxes …Virgil ‘s Aeneid still gave some tips for giving back credit to Facebook. “Some 20,000 people will be affected by fact checking before the end of the year, compared to 15,000 today,” said Mark Zuckerberg, who explained that the “news” will be applied worldwide. requirements that will soon be imposed by the European GDPR . The technical director of the company Mike Schroepfer had a few moments ago announced a battery of new measures to strengthen the data protection of users. “We must also allow people not to lock themselves in circles, not to promote the polarization of spirits,” said the thirty-year-old who takes mandarin classes before paying tribute to journalism. “A person who has perspective and a clear and broad view of the news is very valuable. ” Good news at last !

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