adds BTC in Facebook transactions and Fortnite integrates cryptocurrency payments

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The road from cryptocurrency to deep democratization has reached a new threshold. Recently, the portfolio that allows transactions in Facebook and Messenger, has just added a new cryptocurrency in its ecosystem , Bitcoin. Moreover, the famous video game Fortnite has finally shown favor for crypto-currencies dedicated to the purchase of web content.

Bitcoin Core integrates

After ETH, LTC and ZTX, the portfolio has just added Bitcoin among its transaction tokens. The latter will now be able to serve as exchange value in Facebook, Messenger, Telegram and SMS interactions.

The system used by is based on a chatbot, whose information is managed from key issuance, this is a convenient way for Facebook to promote the new technology without having to support other external services. According to rumors, the latter is even in the process of developing its own cryptocurrency ecosystem and so is Telegram.

Fortnite accepts payments in cryptocurrencies

In the same context, the famous online game Fortnite has announced the opening of its stores to payments in digital tokens. The game of Epic Games launched in 2017 covers several million players currently, and it became important for developers to offer a more fluid transaction system in the purchase of content through the store.

These payments are valid for BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP from Globee. Millions of players can now take advantage of these services to avoid third-party entities that profit from paid transactions.

Unikrn launches crypto bets

Finally, the company Unikrn Esports, which operates virtual sports, has launched an online betting platform via crypto-currencies. Dubbed Umode, it offers a gambling option on connected entertainment such as Fortnite, Dota or league of legends. According to Rahul Sood, Executive Director of Ukrin:

“The system allows users of all skill levels to place a bet and play a fair game using the game’s integrated matchmaking ranking.”

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