Linkedln: Blockchain developers are in first place in the ranking of emerging trades

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LinkedIn has just released its top 5 emerging careers. Blockchain developers are taking first place in this year’s leading businesses.

Bitcoin promotes the popularity of Blockchain

Emerging trades in the United States have been ranked by Linkedin. Employment opportunities related to Blockchain engineering have increased by 33 this year, which is the first position in this qualification.

The machine-learning engineers are second in the company’s ranking with a big gap compared to Blockchain’s offerings.

The Blockchain has come a long way since the creation of Bitcoin. While it was only the reference technology of Bitcoin (BTC) nine years ago, Blockchain has since been adopted by the vast majority of sectors.

The phenomenal success of Bitcoin has contributed to the adoption of the Blockchain, it is a proof of concept which has endowed multiple use cases. For example, Spotify is researching the application of the Blockchain in the correspondence of royalties to rights holders. She is also very popular within the supply chain industry in addition to the finance industry.

Also, the question “What is Bitcoin? Is the most asked on the Google search engines according to the annual statistics published by Google Trends.

A growing demand from blockchain developers

Guy Berger, chief economist at Linkedln provided explanations about the enthusiasm for the Blockchain developer business.

“It is not surprising that we are witnessing an explosion of machine learning roles and a continued growth in the roles of data science. In fact, we began to see glimmers of hope in last year’s report; however, both domains are beginning to emerge more specialized roles. It may not be a shock to you either that the Blockchain developers are at the top of the list following the ramp-up this year of interest around the Blockchain and crypto-currencies. “

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