Lightning Network (LN) reported security flaws

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According to Lightning Network developer Rusty Russell, the second-layer network built on the Bitcoin network would have vulnerabilities.

LN is not secure

Able to lead to losses of funds, the rifts deciphered by Rusty Russell seem alarming according to Russell. Indeed, the programmer reported security issues in “various Lightning projects” however, he did not publish details about the nature and extent of the vulnerabilities.

So far, he has only alerted users of the LN on some vulnerabilities requiring updates, especially on CVE-2019-12998c-lightning <0.7.1 nodes, CVE-2019-12999 ind <0, 7 and CVE-2019- 13000 light <= 0.3.

More information expected in 4 weeks

By conducting an in-depth investigation into Lightning Network issues that may affect other branches of security, Russell announced the release of the details in four weeks, which will likely leave hackers time to take advantage of these loopholes. vigilance on the part of users.

Remember that the Bitcoin Lightning Network is implemented in more than 50 large companies such as Thor, Casa or OpenNode. These include parallel network technology introduced in 2015 to provide better BTC transaction performance through secure and external cryptographic processing.

In its announcement, the Lightning Network was presented as the guarantor of the scalability of Bitcoin network, which began to lose speed against altcoins because of its latent validation procedure and inaccessible.

What do you think about these flaws in the Lightning Network reported by Rusty Russell? Should this network be suspended before the publication of details? Comment in the comments section.

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