Lesbians threatened on the street denounce their attacker in a video that has become viral


Two lesbians were the target of homophobic insults as they walked down the street in Portland on Sunday.

The two women were able to film the incident and posted the video, which is now under investigation by Portland police.

Thrown out of an Uber because they were kissing each other

The pictures show a young man shouting homophobic insults at the two married women, but also throwing threats at them.

Wenday Dragoon, who filmed the footage of the incident, posted it on his Facebook page, reports Fox12.

Since then, the sequence that shocks many Internet users has been viewed more than 35,000 times.

So this just happened. After he sped up like he was going to hit is as we crossed the street. And then a “good guy cop” rolled up and CLEARLY did not want to help us. Before he even got out of the car he was telling us to ignore him and just walk away. Then told us he couldn’t do anything. These little fuckers live around the corner. It will take them no time to figure out which house is ours so I guess we wait until we are physically assaulted before we can get help.

Posted by Wendy Blitz Dragoon on Sunday, July 15, 2018

“Act like a man, ” gay pride ass bitch ”, take off the street, you’re a big cow,” said the man, threatening her.

Depending on the version of the victims, they wandered the streets to find the owner of a lost dog, when a truck was pushed pushing the engine and accelerating near them.

Threat of assault

“When he passed by us, he shouted homophobic insults, and then he got out of the car, he walked towards us, threatening to beat us. That’s when my wife came out of the sidewalk and I started to record, “said the woman in an interview.

During the incident, a police officer who was patrolling and passing by did not make an official report.

“The first policeman who showed up did not even want to get out of his car, did not want to stop to talk to us, he did not take our names, but did not talk to the guy. The only reason the police are investigating is because the video has gone viral, “says Dragoon.

For Sergeant Chris Burley of Portland Police, this type of quarrel is complex when it is time to unravel the truth from the wrong.

The man referred to in the video did not want to grant an interview.

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