Legault suspects Couillard to hide money abroad


CHIBOUGAMAU | François Legault suspects the Liberal leader Philippe Couillard of hiding money abroad, because of “latent taxes” mentioned in his financial statement released Monday .

“Unrealized taxes are taxes that will eventually be paid, usually when money is going to be repatriated from another country. I, as a chartered accountant, that’s what I understand, “said the head of Coalition Avenir Quebec during a scrum of the press.

Recognizing that “it’s been a long time” that he no longer practices the profession of chartered accountant, Mr. Legault is nonetheless convinced that Philippe Couillard does not say everything about the assets he could have abroad.

“When I was a chartered accountant and I practiced full time, [latent taxes], that’s what it meant,” said the head of the CAQ.

“I would like to know what is it? Latent taxes are taxes that have not been paid. Why did not they get paid? “Asked Mr. Legault.

His accusations are reminiscent of the controversy that splashed Prime Minister Couillard about the $ 600,000 he had placed between 1992 and 2000 in a bank account on the island of Jersey, a tax haven.

Liberal leader’s entourage shouts “dirtying”

The entourage of Philippe Couillard was quick to react by shouting “smear”, in addition to clarify that it is simply a “provision to cover the amounts to pay in taxes […] s ‘he was liquidating his assets’.

According to the Accounting and Financial Management Dictionary of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants , it is, “in a personal balance sheet, [a] provision constituted to cover the amounts that the individual would have to pay in taxes if its properties were sold at the current estimated values ​​as at the balance sheet date “.

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