Learn to live, learn to die


According to a widely held misconception, promoting health is managing one’s life optimally to prolong it. In fact, health promotion focuses on the quality of life in all phases of life, whether long or short.

In ancient times, the term “ars vivendi” was used, otherwise the art of living. But it is a term that is inseparable to it: it is “ars moriendi” or the art of dying.

“Are we ready, in the age of all possibilities, to set up an ‘ars moriendi’ and give meaning to life and death again?” This question is from Professor Steffen Eychmüller , Director of the University Center for Palliative Care at the Hospital de l’Ile in Bern, who poses it. He explains how the hospital’s palliative care service expressly applies the concept of salutogenesis:

“First of all, I need to understand my situation as a patient (…). Then comes the management of the situation – in other words, it is about asking me what I can do for me (…) Finally, comes the third question, which is that of the meaning: do I manage to integrate this which happens to me today in my life story? Spiritual reflections often play a role in this context. ”

Observe what is and is not, to better understand health. This is the goal of salutogenesis. An appropriate topic in early spring.

Next May, the 10 th  International Congress of the European Society for Palliative Care will be held in Bern . It is expected to bring together some 1,500 participants from around the world.

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