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The US President’s visit to England is not going smoothly. On the second day of her visit, it’s now time for a cat to play the spoilsport with Donald Trump.

After a “boycott” of Meghan Markle and mockery of the crowd , Donald Trump surely believed that he would be entitled to a little respite on this second day. It was bad to know Larry, a big cat of 12 years old. The latter decided to take a nap under the vehicle to transport Donald Trump from one appointment to another. 

The president was also talking with Theresa May when Larry decided to stop under the “Beast” nickname given to President Trump’s limousine. 

But Larry is not like any wanderer on the streets of London. No! Larry the Cat serves as the official chat of 10 Downing Street, the official residence and office of Theresa May, Premier of England. 

Larry even has his own Twitter account. (He’s so popular that he surely has a community manager to take care of his social networks, just like the Queen … )

It is also on his Twitter account that one can read a summary description of the diplomatic imbroglio that occurred between Donald Trump and him. 

“She can survive bullets, explosions, and chemical weapons, but” The Beast, “Donald Trump’s famous armored limousine, was stopped by Larry, the Downing Street cat.”  

On Larry’s Twitter account , the cat’s description reads as follows: 

The chief hunter of mice at the Cabinet Office. I am a 12-year-old tabby cat who has been in office for longer than the leaders of the main British political parties. Unofficial account.

Donald Trump has surely never been so eager to come home. 

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