Large seizure of illegal cannabis in Alberta: Evidence that black market is flourishing


A major drug seizure, including cannabis, in late January on a highway near Banff, Alberta, is evidence that the black market is still flourishing, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said.

On January 26th, a traffic RCMP officer conducted a traffic stop that led to the discovery of the motorist’s vehicle, “about 326 lb [147.9 kg] of cannabis, 10 lb [4.5 kg] of psilocybin mushrooms, 4.5 lb [2 kg] of cannabis resin ( shatter ), 2 lb [0.9 kg] of THC edible products and $ 11 000 in Canadian silver “.

The police came to the conclusion that the occupant of the vehicle was in possession of all this drug, including cannabis, for distribution purposes.

“Seized cannabis could be used to make more than 440,000 medium-sized joints,” the RCMP said Thursday, announcing the outcome of its operation.

“We remind Albertans that cannabis smuggling is illegal,” Corporal Kyle Maetche of the Alberta RCMP’s Traffic Services said in a statement. The recent legalization of cannabis means that there are legal ways to obtain and consume cannabis. “

Commenting on the situation, Superintendent Gray Graham, also of the RCMP, added that, despite the legalization, “there will always be a black market”.

“It shows us that there are still large amounts of illicit cannabis are transported on our roads, Graham said, according to the Calgary Sun . Our agents need to be aware that some part [cannabis] is legal and they have to be intuitive about this in their investigations. “

In Canada, since last October, a person can legally hold 30 grams of cannabis.

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