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The DatArchive API provides a simple set of APIs to listen for changes to a file, whether the file is locally owned or remote. After instantiating an archive instance and making changes, you can call createFileActivityStream().


Start with the site you created in the Writing site files tutorial. Add the following code to the end of the main function:


var fileEvents = archive.createFileActivityStream()
fileEvents.addEventListener('invalidated', e => {
  console.log(e.path, 'invalidated')
fileEvents.addEventListener('changed', e => {
  console.log(e.path, 'changed')

Refresh the page, then enter this snippet into the devtools console:


var archive = new DatArchive(localStorage.targetDatURL)
archive.writeFile('/foo.txt', 'bar')


The ‘changed’ event

The 'changed' event fires any time the file has been updated on your local disk.

The 'invalidated' event fires any time a file has been updated by a remote author. It informs you that the file has been changed remotely, but that change has not yet been downloaded.

So, if an archive is local:

  • Only 'changed' will fire, when the file changes.

But if an archive is remote:

  • 'invalidated' will fire when the metadata update is downloaded
  • 'changed' will fire when the new content is downloaded
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