KlaytnPhone, Samsung’s new all-in-one smartphone blockchain

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After many reflections, Samsung is finally launching a brand new smartphon e that aims to make Blockchain technology more user-friendly. Dubbed “KlaytnPhone”, the Galaxy Note 10 variant includes Blockchain applications and a pre-installed digital wallet.

Samsung in favor of the adoption of the Blockchain

The latest South Korean phone manufacturer Samsung Electronics Co. recently released a variant of its flagship smartphone that offers a seamless and intuitive experience to users interacting with the Blockchain.

KlaytnPhone incorporates an all-in-one ecosystem. Blockchain, virtual currencies and digital wallets are accessible on the same Blockchain application, which benefits the consumer.

How it works ?

The smartphone includes a purse called “KlaytnPhone Wallet” which supports Klaytn tokens (KLAY) and other crypto-currencies . Klaytn Bapps (blockchain applications) make it easy to send crypto-currencies through the KlaytnPhone Wallet.

The digital wallet is associated with the Samsung Blockchain Keystore, a key reader compatible with Klaytn, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

In terms of transactions, users can create key storage in the Secure File system through the Samsung Blockchain Keystore.

The purchase of the new smartphone is available on www.klaytnphone.com. Buyers will receive 2,000 KLAY as a gift before the end of the year.

In addition, users can use Blockchain applications from the Klaytn network on non-Samsung phones using Google’s Android system. Also, Klaytn Publishing is the only one to handle large-scale transactions on the Klaytn network.

Samsung has joined Ground X, a company created by Kakao to develop the Klaytn network and new smartphone.

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