Ken Pereira’s son charged with murder


The father will not be a candidate for the People’s Party

Ken Pereira’s son, who announced yesterday that he would not run for the People’s Party of Canada , is co-accused in a murder story that occurred in late July in Montreal.

Matthew Morin-Pereira, 21, appeared briefly yesterday at the Montreal courthouse with six other men younger than him.

Morin-Pereira, as well as Noah Pepin, Marco Savoie, Diego Braccio and Tanvirul Haque are accused of the unpremeditated murder of Giovanni Bucchianico, 49 years old.

Morin-Pereira is also accused of attempting to kill the son of the late Johnny Hachey Bucchianico, 24, with the help of Pepin and Savoie, Luis Esteban Pacheco Foucault and Dante Falcone.

Savoie, Braccio and Pacheco Foucault also face a charge of theft.

Violent fight

In total, ten suspects were pinned in this case, announced Thursday the police of Montreal.

On the evening of July 20, a violent brawl involving some twenty people broke out at the corner of Bélanger and Louis-Hémon streets, in the Villeray neighborhood.

The forty-year-old succumbed to injuries to the head by a sharp object. His son was wounded with a blunt object “all over the body,” the police said. The nature of the conflict is not yet known.

Surprise resignation

Morin-Pereira’s appearance came on the day his father stepped down as a candidate for Maxime Bernier’s party, ahead of the federal election in October.

“A terrible tragedy with my family forces me to withdraw from the elections,” said Pereira yesterday on his Twitter account, without further details.

It was the party that said it was about his son.

The father was present yesterday in the court room, noted Le Journal at the appearance of Morin-Pereira.

The ex-unionist and star witness of the Charbonneau commission was planning to run for the riding of Portneuf-Jacques-Cartier, in the Quebec City region.

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