Kahnawake imposes his own tax on the cannabis


The money raised will finance prevention and awareness on the territory

Kahnawake passed its cannabis law Monday night and will impose its own tax on those who do not come from the community.

The Kahnawake Mohawk Council found that the age to buy cannabis was 21 years old. A licensing system will also be established for dispensaries and pot production (which will be added to the mandatory Health Canada one).

For now, a moratorium on sales remains the time that the Kahnawake Cannabis Control Bureau determines the business model, the number of dispensaries, and so on.

“We will have clinics eventually, but we are still analyzing how it will work,” says Band Council Chief Gina Deer. The situation is already tense in the community since the peacekeepers have been trying for a few months to close an illegal dispensary.

For the community

But when outlets open, “fees” will be applied to cannabis purchased by people who do not live in Kahnawake in order to “maintain fairness in the marketplace.”

“It’s to keep an equivalent price because it has always been a problem for Quebec with gasoline and tobacco,” explains Chief Deer.

She insists it is not a federal or provincial tax since the Mohawk community has always refused to be a “tax collector for an external government”. The money will remain in the community and will be donated to the Control Office, which will use it to fund its drug awareness activities.

The Quebec Cannabis Act allows the government to enter into agreements with aboriginal communities.

No agreement has yet been signed, confirms the cabinet of Minister Sylvie d’Amour, responsible for Aboriginal Affairs. Chief Deer says she wants to talk to the minister, but says the law has been passed and applies whether there is an agreement or not.


  • 21 years old to buy cannabis
  • Creation of a cannabis control office
  • Mandatory license for cannabis cultivation (in addition to Health Canada’s)
  • Compulsory license to have a dispensary
  • Tax on the sale of cannabis to those who are not First Nations. The money is handed over to the Control Office.
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