Justice blocks new Trump immigration measure


The US justice has inflicted a new snub on President Donald Trump by preventing Sunday’s entry into force of a measure that would have limited the issuance of visas to migrants with health coverage.

In an emergency, a federal judge in Oregon on Saturday blocked a “presidential proclamation” for 28 days, to give the parties time to submit substantive arguments, according to a copy of his decision consulted by AFP.

“The decision of a judge alone to cancel a policy that, according to the president was best able to protect the US health care system, is unfair and bad,” responded Sunday the White House. 

Only immigrants who can prove that they “will not impose a substantial burden” on the US health care system will be issued entry visas, Trump decided in early October.

“Immigrants coming into our country should not weigh on our health system, and therefore on US taxpayers,” he added in his proclamation.

The fight against illegal immigration and restrictions on the reception of foreigners is one of the main pillars of Donald Trump’s policy.

Many of his decisions have been blocked by the courts. The Republican administration has regularly appealed to the Supreme Court, which has twice ruled this summer.

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