Joshua Trump falls asleep during president’s speech and becomes symbol of “resistance”


The touching images of young Joshua Trump sleeping peacefully during the US President’s State of the Union address spurred a wave of reactions on the web, with many netizens branding him as a symbol of “resistance” to Donald Trump. with whom he is not related.

“Joshua is a cute kid sleeping during a very long and boring speech. Is he the best person to bear the Trump family name? Most likely, “tweeted Molly Jong-Fast, American author.

Symbol against symbol: Melania Trump had invited the 11-year-old boy, harassed for months at school because of his surname, to attend the solemn address of her husband in front of the Congress gathered in full on Tuesday night. An honor reserved for the greatest characters of American civil society.

But the young Joshua, wearing a white shirt and black tie, sitting next to the First Lady, did not resist the speech of the occupant of the White House and fell asleep.

The speech began after 21H00 and lasted for about an hour and a half. This late hour will probably have been right for the energy of the boy.    

“Joshua Trump, welcome to the resistance”, nevertheless launched on Twitter several Internet users.

“Joshua Trump is the only good Trump,” wrote another. “Resistance hero Joshua Trump,” exclaimed a netizen, writing in capital letters, a style regularly used by the US president on Twitter.

Months abused by children who reproached him for his surname, Joshua Trump left his school and almost changed his surname, before being invited to Washington by Melania Trump who made it a symbol of his fight against harassment .

Since the end of Donald Trump’s campaign, the boy from Wilmington, Delaware, wore the family name that is now able to trigger an epidermal reaction in some Americans.

“I was really annoyed,” said the 11-year-old boy on “Inside Edition” in December. “They said to me: are you from Trump’s family? And I answered them: do you think I would be here if I were from his family? “

His parents even decided to remove him from school in 2017 and give him home schooling before he returned to school to start the college equivalent.

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