John McAfee has launched an entertainment application to earn bitcoins

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John McAfee , creator of the McAfee antivirus and also a crypto-millionaire, announced in a tweet the launch of its new mobile application allowing users to earn Bitcoin while testing their knowledge. This new application is called Bitcoin Play.

Win satoshis by picking the right answer

Bitcoin Play would be a kind of trivia game in which users will be rewarded with satoshis , the smallest Bitcoin unit of measure.

Once earnings reach 40,000 satoshis, users can remove them and send them directly to their wallet.

According to the Bitcoin Play development team, the app contains thousands of questions from different categories ranging from history to entertainment to sports and general culture.

And just like the show Who wants to win millions ?, players will benefit from 3 helpers. They will have the choice to ignore the question, to eliminate two incorrect answer choices or to increase the response time which is normally 10 seconds per question, if they are not able to answer the question. the question.

Note that as the user gives correct answers, the reward increases as does the level of difficulty of the questions.

To accumulate winnings, users can play multiplayer games weekly.

Good feedback from users

It should also be noted that Bitcoin Play offers two options, namely a family-friendly option and an adult-friendly option in which John McAfee swears and curses the player’s poor performance.

Those who have already used the app have suggested that it is a fun way to enter the crypto sphere.

Moreover, they admitted that the application creates a strong dependence.

Note that so far the application Bitcoin Play has been downloaded by more than 500 people. It received a rating of 4.8 stars on Google Play.

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