John McAfee: Bitcoin Private (BTCP) “will replace the Monero” on the Dark Web

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John McAfee, the very famous eccentric pioneer of cyber security, recently declared his penchant forBitcoin Private (BTCP) among the Bitcoin forks. It considers it a better cryptocurrency than the Monero (XMR), because the BTCP makes “Bitcoin a higher Monero. “

A new McAfee statement

McAfee shares his thoughts in an interview with CWN’s YouTube channel. During the interview, he defended the idea that a fork was a positive thing because it represents “a dispute resolution mechanism”.

Subsequently, he announced that his favorite bitcoin fork remains the BTCP. He defended this cryptocurrency by condemning those who call it a scam, while claiming that “serious technology,” underlies it. The OPGT, he said, brings to Bitcoin what it has always needed: complete anonymity.

The BTCP will replace the Monero according to McAfee

The McAfee interview was marked by a most exciting statement in which it announced that Bitcoin Private (BTCP) would replace Monero in the near future.

This statement echoed with the crypto-community. There is a thread on the topic on Reddit, and a discussion of the benefits of such an achievement, related to Bitcoin Private. The McAfee statement also emphasized that Bitcoin Private is the safest fork in Bitcoin. In addition, for the Reddit users, the BTCP being still at a very low price, they are convinced that it should not attract the animosities of the other altcoins and that from a technical point of view, the OPGT would replace Bitcoin Cash ( BCH).

Another question was raised, whether Monero and Bitcoin Private could excel together. A Reddit user said:

You realize ? McAfee publishes crypto-messages on Twitter that would cost 100k per tweet.

Nevertheless, whether these messages on Twitter are paid or not, McAfee and its assertion will inevitably cause some controversy in the cryptocurrency industry.

What do you think about McAfee saying the BTCP will replace the Monero on the Dark Web? Tell us your opinion in the comments section below.


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