Japan: the terrifying doll of the “Momo challenge” destroyed by its creator


The Japanese artist who had created a scary doll then taken on social networks for the “Momo Challenge”, a gruesome challenge, told AFP on Monday that the effigy was destroyed last year, adding never intended to harm.

The doll, one meter tall with bulging eyes, emaciated face and stringy hair, was inspired by a Japanese ghost named “ubume” representing a woman dying in childbirth, says Keisuke Aiso, a leader of a specialized company in TV series accessories, Link Factory.

Its original version was destroyed last year due to its state of degradation, and not for use in the “Momo Challenge”, according to its creator.

“She was supposed to scare people, yes, but not to hurt anyone,” he said nonetheless.

It was first presented in 2016 at an exhibition in Ginza, Tokyo’s upscale neighborhood, but did not attract attention.

This doll was just one of Keisuke Aiso’s many ghost-themed dolls. 

Accessible on instant messengers or on Youtube, the “Momo challenge” encourages the participants, by threatening them, to commit dangerous acts that can go as far as death.

In France, a father complained in late 2018 after the death of his son, found hanging with his kimono belt in his room. According to his family, he was trapped in the “Momo Challenge”.

“I would have been happy if this type of challenge had never existed,” assured Keisuke Aiso.

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