Jane Philpott resigns: Justin Trudeau “was on another planet”


For Emmanuelle Latraverse, Justin Trudeau “was still off the plate” Monday evening, as he reacted to the resignation of Jane Philpott, a pillar of his government , in a rally in Toronto.

“He was still next to the plate, launched the political analyst at the show Dutrizac from 6 to 9 . It’s like he’s on another planet. ” 

The journalist wondered “how a prime minister whose leadership is questioned” can imagine solving the crisis “in a partisan gathering on the theme of climate change.”

According to her, the prime minister missed the opportunity “to send the signal that he understood the seriousness of the crisis”.   

“It’s as if her response [to Jane Philpott’s resignation] embodied all that is dysfunctional in the way this government is handling this crisis,” added the podcast host. Emmanuelle presents … on QUB radio.

“You can no longer respond in clips of 15 seconds to a crisis of this magnitude,” insisted Emmanuelle Latraverse.


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