Jagmeet Singh wants to fight against street gangs


In British Columbia since Wednesday, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh unveiled his plan Sunday to fight the rise in organized crime in the province.

“Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have chosen to spend $ 4.5 billion of your money on an oil pipeline and have left the people of British Columbia with the responsibility to fight crime,” NDP leader NDP criticized from the outset. way of release.

If he comes to power on Oct. 21, Jagmeet Singh says he will do things differently. He is committed to creating a fund of $ 100 million for young people so they do not succumb to the attraction of street gangs.

New Democrats present this measure as “supporting programs that involve youth in their communities”.

The left-wing political party also promised to create a special anti-money laundering unit within the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

The New Democratic Party has also said it will put an end to hidden property ownership by businesses, a move to fight tax evasion and fraud.

“It’s time to take care of children and protect our communities from rising gang violence and organized crime that is hurting families in British Columbia,” said Singh, who was campaigning in Surrey on Sunday. from Vancouver.

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