Jagmeet Singh says no to Conservative support


The NDP leader Jagmeet Singh on Wednesday opposed a dismissal of any support of his political party to a minority Conservative government.

“We will make sure the government falls. It is our commitment to never help [Andrew] Scheer to create a Conservative government if Canadians choose a minority government, “said Singh on the sidelines of a speech at the Canadian Union of Public Employees biennial convention, to Montreal.

Meanwhile, he continued to fire on the Liberal Party of Justin Trudeau, accusing him of choosing the powerful companies to the detriment of ordinary people and families.

“The richest know that the Conservatives and the Liberals will work for them,” he said, adding that “Greens are not friends of the workers.”

Singh’s remarks were also denounced by Elizabeth May of the Green Party, “Singh’s remarks are outrageous,” she said. The support of the Green Party for the labor movement has always been unwavering and a central part of our plan for Canada’s future. “

Jagmeet Singh was also asked why he did not criticize the Bloc Québécois on Wednesday and seemed to ignore the sovereignist formation. The NDP leader explained, without naming the Bloc, that his party wanted a partnership between the progressives of Canada and Quebec to have a better future, speaking of a “clear contrast” with the other political parties.


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