International soccer competitions: less close-ups on “sexy” supporters


The International Soccer Federation (FIFA) wants to limit the close-ups of “sexy” spectators during games.

FIFA’s diversity program chief, Frederico Addiechi, said on Thursday that he would like to see “less” and “less publicized” images in the future.

He said discussions should take place with television channels to limit the phenomenon.

Mr. Addiechi also said that the world body of soccer has intervened with some broadcasters since the beginning of the world, including Russian television that allegedly filmed a supporter on several occasions.

“This is a normal evolution (…) We will take action on things that are not going well,” he said.


According to him, leaders of the world of soccer must fight sexism, especially during major events like the World Cup.

FIFA also lamented that many “mainly Russian” women were approached by men around the stadiums and that journalists were attacked during their duplex, reports BFMTV.

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