Intel obtains patent related to crypto-mining

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Recently, the computer chip manufacturing giant filed a patent called “Optimized SHA256 Datapath”announced as a new economical bitcoin mining technology. According to the report, this innovation from Intel would be able to mine BTCs more quickly by saving 15% of energy.

Intel lightens crypto mining

Described by environmentalists and second-class miners, the Bitcoin mining procedure has a rather bad reputation. On the one hand, its process has become too slow and too elitist towards the new miners, while the mining overconsumes electrical energy, so as to harm the ecology. Even though this thesis is sometimes refuted .

Intel, concerned about these difficulties, has just obtained its patent called “Optimized SHA 256” for its Bitcoin mining system with a new treatment of SHA256 algorithms. He explains :

“Embodiments of the present disclosure include ASIC-based , energy-efficient SHA engines that consume less energy for Bitcoin mining operations.”

Intel continues its rise with crypto

The company based in Santa Clara, California, is renowned for its gigantic market in terms of computer chips worldwide. We expected a new intervention from him in the world of cryptocurrency, knowing that this sector is entirely based on a very advanced computer technology that only companies in its category can exploit.

Intel is one of the world’s leading processors and chips. Its introduction with the Blockchain and the cryptocurrency dates back to 2016 with the SGX and today, it attacks the hash.

Intel is trying to export its talent to new technologies and with this new patent, the company picks up a few points to its main rival in this area: Samsung!

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