Infection with E. coli bacteria: do not eat romaine lettuce anymore


Many restaurants were unaware on Tuesday of the warning issued in the afternoon

The Public Health Agency of Canada on Tuesday urged residents of Quebec and Ontario not to consume romaine lettuce because of an outbreak of E. coli infection . In the evening, most of the restaurants visited seemed not to have heard of this warning.

“Currently, data from the Ontario and Quebec survey suggest that there is a risk of E. coli infection associated with the consumption of romaine lettuce,” PHAC explained. in a statement.

Authorities say that as of Tuesday, about fifteen cases of infection with the bacteria were detected in Quebec and three others in Ontario. E. coli causes in those that it contaminates headaches, vomiting and nausea. More serious complications may also occur in some cases.

“The majority of people who became ill […] said they had eaten romaine lettuce before the disease began,” said the Public Health Agency of Canada. They said they had eaten at home, as well as in prepared salads sold in stores, or in dishes ordered from restaurants. “

On Tuesday night, the afternoon warning posted on the PHAC website did not seem to have reached restaurants or food stores.

Of a dozen professionals interviewed by Le Journal, only two had received the information.

“I saw the review completely by chance, because a friend shared it on Facebook,” explained the chef at Pizzaiolle restaurant in Old Montreal, Benoit Leboucher. A chance I got connected otherwise I could have missed. “


Prudent, Mr. Leboucher will return Wednesday morning to his supplier a carton of Roman lettuce that he agreed to repay him.

“He told me that there were no problems with this stock, but I preferred not to take risks,” he said.

The waitress of a chain offering sandwiches and salads told the Journal that she had received a call from her management asking her to throw the Caesar salad already on the shelves.

The PHAC said on Tuesday that it was continuing its investigation and that its warning regarding romaine lettuce would be updated when it knew more about the causes of this outbreak of E. coli bacteria .

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