[ICO] Tradelize, “copy of trading”, announces its ICO for this spring

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Tradelize, the crypto-currency trading tool designed for crypto-expert and novice traders and investors, announced today that they will launch their ICO this spring 2018. Their pre-sale of chips is scheduled for mid-April , and the public sale, ICO, will begin in May 2018 . The company has partnered with ICOBox , which advises them in the development of their products, and provides legal advice, marketing and public relations consulting services. ICOBox is a global leader in providing SaaS solutions for companies wishing to build their own ICOs and has helped more than 30 companies achieve symbolic sales over the past year.

Simplify trading and connect

The Tradelize ecosystem has been developed to bring together trading professionals, crypto holders and newcomers to the cryptocurrency market while providing tailor-made solutions for each of them. The platform functions as a synergistic network that relies on its three interface layers:

  • Tradelize.terminal for professional traders;
  • Tradelize.web, which allows novices and non-profit investors to copy business transactions ; and
  • Tradelize.score that will be used to evaluate, reward and connect the best traders.

Tradelize.brokerage V2.0 is also under development and will allow business users to trade across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges without the need to open a separate account for each exchange.

The Tradelize.terminal layer of the app is intended to attract professional traders who have a good knowledge of trading on mature trading exchanges and who are interested in cryptocurrency trading. It provides them with the sophisticated digital tools they need to operate at a professional level. Their expertise and trading activities should in turn attract novice traders into the ecosystem. The product is an autonomous software solution for direct access to the market(DMA, Direct Market Access) designed with a familiar interface for trading in the world’s leading cryptocurrency markets. Tradelize.terminal is designed to be an intuitive tool designed for experienced professionals who need to be able to analyze data from an interface without having to browse the various exchange exchanges to gather information .

Anton Zapolskyi, CEO and founder of Tradelize, is really passionate about his company’s arrival in the world of cryptocurrency.

“Today, we are seeing how amazing the possibilities of generating revenue from cryptocurrency trading are,” he enthuses.

“One of our main goals is to create the perfect ecosystem for the best professional traders, but our platform is for everyone from seasoned professionals to beginner investors. We believe that Tradelize will play a key role in the massive adoption of cryptocurrency at all levels. “.

The economic model of the TDZ platform and token

ICO will offer Tradelize ‘s TDZ token at $ 1.00 per chip, with various bonuses available during presale and public sale. The TDZ will function as a utility token throughout the ecosystem and will be used to pay for transactions and reward experts who share their business through Tradelize.web.

According to Tradelize, 80% of the funds raised through their ICO will be allocated to attract and remunerate the best traders on the basis of their Tradelize.score ranking. The business plan is to use these rankings to create a core group of traders that can be imitated by anyone using the Tradelize.web layer of the platform .

In addition to rankings, the database will also offer risk and currency exposure scores, among other data, and will be based on at least two months of trading performance statistics. After the first two months of launching the app, the top ranked professional traders will be allocated up to $ 500,000 to manage the various cryptocurrency trades that non-experts can choose to imitate on the basis of the expert’s classification.

Mike Raitsyn of ICOBox, who heads ICO’s team of advisors, says the project has the right ingredients to sell the chips.

“Tradelize is the brainchild of experienced traders and financial experts with experience on the New York Stock Exchange and in the field of business angel investing. The company knows what traders and investors need to know to make informed decisions, “he says.

“This application is designed to attract the best minds in the trading world and has the ability to aggregate and share trading activity data with anyone wishing to participate in the market. This is really a democratization feature of this platform. “

Do you prefer to trade yourself or would you like to copy trading experts? Tell us in the comments section.

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