ICO – ImmVRse: a new ecosystem for Virtual Reality

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Since Virtual Reality (VR) has entered the business world, business strategy is evolving and developing. ImmVRse understood that. Its sharing platform will offer the creation of high quality content for its employees. 360-degree video is of interest to a large global audience. Also, virtual reality games, experiences and advertising are a new wave of content.

An innovative aspect

ImmVRse will offer a platform for the presentation and sale of their work. Larger companies interested in VR will be able to work with ImmVRse to provide one-on-one support without the need for a third-party service.

Although virtual reality is now available in a large market, platforms and websites supporting it are still few. ImmVRse remedies this by offering a wide range of content to viewers. Especially since with the growing potential of the RV industry, it could reach the $ 110 billion over a period of 6 to 7 years.

The solutions brought by the RV

Virtual reality is prevalent in the entertainment industry like video games . In fact, some gaming platforms have very good 360-degree content. However, options are limited for those who want to use their RV headsets in other areas. No network fully supports VR, which is a failure to meet the needs of users.

ImmVRse solves this problem by providing a platform for virtual reality content creators , and that, so they can present and sell their work . In order to increase the visibility of VR, the company gives free access to some content. Viewers would also have the opportunity to experiment with technology, encouraging the adoption of many potential users.


Companies around the world will have the opportunity to create cutting-edge, state-of-the-art advertising campaigns using VR. This approach immerses viewers in a world of understanding, buy-in and buy-in.

The ICO of ImmVRse

ImmVRse launches its own token called IMV. The ImmVRse ICO website accepts Ethereum (ETH) payments, and 1 IMV equals $ 0.20. The minimum amount that the project will have to collect during its ICO is estimated at $ 1 million (and $ 20 million maximum). The ICO ends on September 7th, and decreasing bonuses are available during this period.

What do you think of the solution brought by ImmVRse in the field of virtual reality? Tell us in the comments section below.

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