HTC releases new Blockchain smartphone

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With the irrefutable popularity of Bitcoin and altcoins, the technology behind them, the Blockchain is becoming more and more exploited. In order to affirm its “effort to develop the ecosystem of Blockchain,” the company HTC has proposed a new Smartphone called HTC Exodus. The announcement was made about a week before the launch of its latest High Tech phone, the HTC U12.

HTC Unveils Smartphone Running With Blockchain

HTC Exodus is “the first native Blockchain phone,” backed by HTC. The Smartphone will be introduced on the market with compatibility for several Blockchains including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). According to PCMag, Phil Chen, the creator of HTC Vive, unveiled the project during a news conference in New York.

HTC worked on making another design a few weeks before the scheduled official launch. Although in recent years, most of Taiwanese company’s mobile offerings have been strengthened, she said the HTC Exodus will live up to the expectations of its users.

The Smartphone will consist of a universal wallet as well as a secure hardware enclave. “ Chen stressed the security of data which HTC Exodus states:

I want to see a world where end-users can really get their data browsing history, their identity, their assets, their wallets, their emails, their messages, without the intervention of the central authorities.

HTC Exodus Specifications

The details are scarce for the moment with regard to the specifications of the Android. It will be necessary to wait for its exit to know the additional details such as the type of processor, the form, the duration of the battery or the size of its screen.

Initially, only Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dfinity networks and The Lightning Network will be available on the device. However, the company plans to support the entire Blockchain ecosystem. In order to double and triple the number of Ethereum and Bitcoin nodes, HTC plans to create a native Blockchain network from all Exodus phones .

Release date and availability

The official date of release of the device will be communicated later. The HTC Exodus page will include a “Book Now” button . “Users will fill out a form with their name and email address and then check the box “Yes, I want an Exodus. “

The price of the device has not yet been communicated either, however HTC has stated that it accepts crypto-currencies as a method of payment .

You now know where to buy your next smartphone!

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