All children are different and, within your family, everyone has their own personality. Some will be more outspoken, more confident, while others will be more worried, even if you educate them the same way. Self-confidence varies from one child to another. In addition, your child’s confidence may change depending on his or her age or situations. As a parent, you are the spark of confidence, and it is by simple actions that you can help your child develop and tame.

Promote discussions

Taking part in a conversation allows children to develop their self-confidence. Indeed, they will learn to overcome their shyness, to tame their interests and to express their opinion. Do not hesitate to question them and encourage them to take part in the discussions.

Give him responsibilities

As an adult, when you are given responsibility, we are proud to see someone recognize our strengths. It’s the same for children. Feeling responsible and helpful allows little ones to find their place in the family. As a family, determine the responsibilities of each one. To foster children’s collaboration, consider their interests and abilities.

Use a benevolent vocabulary

Children will believe what you say about them, so it is important to pay close attention to what you say in their presence, but also when they are around, because they always listen to you even if they are not next to you! For example, your child is not “angry”, he is “dynamic” or your cook is not “talkative”, she is “sociable”.

Avoid comparing your children to each other. It is wrong to believe that comparing them will give them the motivation to take the next step. Rather than comparing, emphasize the strengths and qualities of each.

When you feel more fragile, do not hesitate to tell them such phrases as: “I know you can do it”, “I trust you” and, above all, to reconfirm your unwavering love!

Accompany the child in recognition and expression of his fears

Children do not always have the maturity to express their emotions. That’s why you have to accompany them and, at times, formulate for them what they will try to express. With your adult eyes, their fears may seem childish, but know that for them, they are real.

You know that trust develops over a lifetime, and that it is forged by pitfalls, successes, situations and people who are on our journey. And it is with your encouragement, your little attentions and your kind words that your children begin their journey.

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