How much does a pet cost?


If the decision to adopt an animal is a happy one, it must be enlightened. As a family member, your little companion will follow you roughly for 15 years.

The happiness that brings a pet is immeasurable, certainly. According to many studies , the life expectancy of pet owners would be even longer!

But the well-being of your companion is as important as yours. A responsible owner is the guarantor of the quality of life of his animal, which implies significant expenses over the years.

So take the time to weigh all the costs associated with it. This is all the more important when one considers that poor budget planning is a  frequent cause of abandonment .


For both ethical and economic reasons, it is not advisable to buy a pet from a pet store, on the Internet, or through classified ad sites.

The shelters in the province are full of animals just waiting to meet you. You can go to the Montreal SPCA or the Quebec City SPA.

The adoption process is rigorously supervised and you will have fewer surprises as to the animal’s medical history and temperament. Adoption fees also include some health treatments.

For a dog

The Montreal SPCA provides a fixed fee for the adoption of a dog. Puppies under eight months cost $ 350, those over eight months, $ 295. If it is an animal with special needs (because of old age or a health problem), the price drops to $ 75.

The adoption fees of the SPCA include sterilization, rabies vaccine and the first basic vaccine (yes, there will be others!).

For a cat

There are always kittens at the SPCA. You can find the little ball of hair of your dreams for $ 195. In the case of cats older than five months, it will cost you $ 125.

As mentioned above, $ 75 adoptions are possible for families who care about them.

The adoption of a cat includes sterilization, the first basic vaccine, a treatment against parasites and micro-attack at all times.

For other small animals

There are not only dogs and cats in the shelters! You can meet rabbits, birds and other small rodents that will make your family happy. They are generally less allergenic .

You can adopt a rabbit for $ 100, including the cost of sterilization. Birds cost from $ 8 to $ 50, depending on breed and size.

In the case of rabbits and birds that tolerate loneliness (such as lovebirds), the SPCA assumes the cost of adopting the second animal.


The first years of your pet in your family involve large sums of money. Think of all the necessary equipment (bowls, necklace, leash, litter box, litter box, small bed), visits to the veterinarian, but also the registration fees required by some municipalities.

Canine education classes can also be expected. Depending on the dog’s temperament and his level of obedience, they easily come back to $ 800.

Finally, do not be surprised that your pet causes small damage to your home. So be sure to save some money in case you have to replace pairs of shoes, curtains or furniture (yes, it happens!).


Also consider the costs of food and treats, toys, accessories, bedding, grooming and child care.  

Part of your budget must also be allocated to the many veterinary fees, including annual reviews, booster vaccines, pest control, dental care, etc.

The Humane Society of Estrie details the following costs :


Cat kept inside

Cat who will go outside


Food and treats

$ 300 to $ 400

$ 300 to $ 400

Small breed: $ 180 to $ 360

Large breed: $ 600 to $ 840

Basic vaccines and annual review

$ 65

$ 110

$ 70 to $ 140

Prevention against fleas and 
intestinal worms

$ 30 (annual stool analysis)

About $ 110

About $ 130


Sterilized: $ 30

Sterilized: $ 30

Sterilized: $ 40

TOTAL  (before taxes)

$ 425 to $ 535

$ 550 to $ 660

Small breed: $ 420 to $ 680

Large breed: $ 840 to $ 1160

















Source: Website of the Society for the Protection of Animals of the Eastern Townships

According to the Veterinary Medical Association, the annual maintenance of an adult cat can thus amount to $ 1650. That of a dog, at $ 2300. For a rabbit, the bill is $ 860, and for a ferret, it can be up to $ 1850.

Generally, the cost varies according to the size of the animal. Naturally, larger ones are more expensive than small ones. And the longer the animal lives, the more the bill becomes heavier. But that, we do not complain!


Animals are unfortunately not immune to disease or old age.

It is imperative that you save to cover the possibility of medical treatment or surgery. You must also save money to pay for end-of-life expenses, including euthanasia and incineration costs.

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