Hostage taking in a supermarket in Los Angeles: a death


An armed man took customers and employees of a supermarket hostage Saturday in Los Angeles, causing a shootout that killed one, before surrendering, police said.

The man had previously been “involved in a family dispute, during which he shot his grandmother and another woman,” Los Angeles police sergeant Barry Montgomery told reporters.

“The suspect left with his grandmother’s vehicle, taking the woman victim with him” and entered the Trader Joe’s supermarket in the Silver Lake neighborhood, he said.

As the police pursued him, the man “fired on the officers several times,” provoking a shootout near Trader Joe’s, Los Angeles police chief Michel Moore told reporters.

“Inside the store, a young woman was shot,” said Michel Moore. According to the media, this is an employee named Melyda Corado. It was unclear whether the victim was killed by the hostage taker or during gunfire with the police.

The suspect took “many victims as hostages, citizens as store employees,” according to Michel Moore. They were released separately by the hostage taker and the police.

Three hours after the start of the tragedy, and after negotiations, the kidnapper “handcuffed himself, went out and surrendered,” according to the police chief. He had been wounded in the gunfire, according to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

“The bullets were flying everywhere, in front of the store and in the parking lot,” said a Los Angeles Times quoted a witness Don Kohles as saying.

US President Donald Trump said in a tweet that he “was following the possible hostage-taking in Los Angeles very closely.”

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