Hong Kong Free Press editor threatens BitPay after suspending donations of Bitcoin

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The BitPay Cryptocurrency Payment Processor faces a lot of criticism following the arbitrary suspension of donations received by the Hong Kong Free Press.

A lawsuit against BitPay?

Hong Kong Free Press (HKFP) began accepting donations of Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in 2015. Meanwhile, BitPay had processed transactions worth about HKD 15,000, or 1 billion $ 900.

Knowing that the crypto-donations at HKFP are made on BitPay, it would have blocked access to crypto-currencies three weeks ago, causing massive protests throughout the city of Hong Kong.

The editor of HKFP, Grundy has strongly criticized BitPay by denouncing the bad reputation, the customer service to be desired and transaction fees too high that crypto-platform is puncturing. He implied that he intended to take legal action against the company.

“The funds are held for weeks just because Hong Kong banks use SWIFT and not IBAN. It’s really the worst experience you can imagine. Bad reputation, quality of communication abyssal, horrible customer service, very high fees. Almost all alternatives will be better, “tweeted the editor of HKFP.

A bad reputation

The BitPay platform has sparked a lot of controversy over the course of this year , which has had a negative impact on its image. Given the unfortunate situation in which BitPay is located, the reaction of the population seems justified.

CryptoSlate reported:

“Earlier last month, BitPay suspended a donation of $ 100,000 in Bitcoin for exceeding the payment limit for the service. The funds were to go to the nonprofit organization “Amazon Watch” to rehabilitate the land after the rain forest fires in the Amazon “.

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