Here’s all you need to know about the pot sold at the SQDC

General Information

Cannabis lovers will be spoiled for choice at the Quebec Cannabis Society (SQDC), whose stores are scheduled to open on Wednesday.

Here is a brief summary of the species, substances and products available over the counter at these locations.

Cannabis products will come from three different species: Sativa, Indica and Hybrid.



Sativa is the marijuana variety that appears to be the most commonly consumed according to several specialized sources on the web.

The Sativa plant becomes quite large, sometimes reaching 15 feet, 4.5m.

This species has invigorating effects, and would give energy, it is said. It would stimulate creativity.

Sativa is known for its high ratio of THC to CBN, the two main active ingredients in cannabis.

This strain is less likely to be used for medical purposes than Indica.


The Indica species forms cannabis plants that are more resistant than those of the Sativa, but it does not reach the same height. It reaches about 4 to 5 feet, from 1 to 2m.

Because it is smaller, this plant is more easily grown at home. Cocotes of this species are more sticky than Sativa plants. Indica is often chosen for its resin, and used to make hashish.

Indica cannabis has effects that look like a sedative and have relaxing, less stimulating effects than Sativa.

Indica also contains high levels of cannabinol. It would fight against insomnia, pain, induce muscle relaxation, reduce anxiety, headaches and migraine.


Many years of mixing and hybridization have created a broad spectrum among primary varieties.

Hybrids can vary considerably, but they generally possess some of the good qualities of Sativas and Indicas.

These species come in several varieties that each have different effects, aromas and levels of THC and CBD.



THC tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD cannabinol (CBD) are different and do not provide the same effects.

THC is the substance that is responsible for psychoactive effects, euphoria. It also stimulates appetite and reduces nausea in some sick patients, says CanniMed, a Canadian manufacturer.

THC will also help fight insomnia, inflammation and pain.


The other active substance that consumers will find in cannabis sold at the SQDC is CBD, cannabinol.

This substance does not cause a psychoactive effect (euphoria) and is promising to cure or relieve the symptoms of several diseases.

Cannabinol would better tolerate the effects of paranoia, and anxiety sometimes caused by THC.


The products available at the SQDC are in the form of dried flower, ground cannabis, preseed, oil, oral spray and pill.

However, no edible product will be available, as prescribed by law, both provincial and federal.

To make it easier for consumers to navigate, “Intensity icons, flavors and product types can easily be found in stores or online and advisors are trained to guide consumers to make informed and responsible choices. “, Reads the statement issued by the SQDC.

The cheapest product available in branches will be six dollars, taxes included.

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