Here are 4 signs that prove your relationship is on the right track

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When we start dating someone, we can sometimes wonder if this person is really the right one for us.

Some signs can point you to the future of your relationship, whether it is meant to last or not. Of course, all the couples and relationships are different, but there are warning signs that let you know if we found THE ONE, or if it’s just a passing love affair.


1. You are on the same wavelength most of the time

It’s normal and healthy to sometimes disagree on some things when you’re in a relationship, but if you do not think or do not want the same thing most of the time, that’s not a good sign. With time, the little “stubborn” on your plans for the weekend, what to order at the restaurant or who does the washing will weigh on your daily life and your relationship.

2. If you disagree, you can resolve your conflicts quickly

If you’re in trouble and you spend days without talking to you, that’s not a good sign either. Couples who are long-term are able to manage their conflicts well and reach common ground, without being sulking for hours and days. It can never be said enough, communication is the key.

3. You are able to communicate your needs and desires

If you are uncomfortable telling your boyfriend or blonde about certain things or you often tell him “white lies,” you may have to dig a little deeper into what drives you to do so. If you are constantly afraid of his reaction for small things benign, there is eel under rock. In order for your relationship to follow the right path, you should be as transparent as possible with your lover about how you feel and think.

4. You talk positively about him to your friends 

It can sometimes seem to look good talking constantly good for his girlfriend or boyfriend, but it is an excellent sign of longevity for the couple. Of course, it’s not unhealthy to “whine” once in a while when the person you love has not done the dishes or forgot to wake up this morning, but the important thing is that the positive wins over the negative!

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