Health Data: Government Promises Alerts


“Concerned” about poor data protection in health, François Legault ensures that his government will put in place a system to end the open bar that puts at risk the personal information of Quebeckers.

“This is a situation that has existed for several years. When we came [to power], we realized that there was access that was too easy to medical data, “admitted the prime minister.    

He was responding to the revelations of our Investigative Office, which showed that thousands of health care workers can easily access your electronic health record or that of public figures without permission.    


Health Minister Danielle McCann was reassuring, claiming that all measures were already in place to monitor the data. “There is someone who checks the data, accesses, every day. It’s done manually. And it’s going to be reinforced by artificial intelligence, she said. As soon as the system realizes that someone is in a folder where he should not [be], there will be an alert. ”    

The President of the Federation of Medical Specialists of Quebec, Diane Francœur, argues that Ms. McCann must quickly ensure the confidentiality of medical records. “Quebeckers have already received a lot of data theft,” she said, proposing a solution to protect the population. “A simple solution is that a patient is alerted by email when their file is accessed.”    

Expanding the commission

The opposition parties have fired on the government, demanding that the planned parliamentary data leak committee at Desjardins be extended to the public domain.    

“The RAMQ files, they are on the” dark web “, next to pedophiles that can be found, then also drugs. It’s the open bar, then the government calls itself a mojito, “Martin Ouellet, spokesperson for the PQ, pleaded during the question period in the National Assembly, calling for the addition of Revenu Québec. and the Régie de l’assurance maladie during the consultations.    

“We expect a proactive attitude and quick fixes. It is worrisome that such sensitive data as medical data is accessible in this way, “said Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois of Québec solidaire.    

“Quebeckers are worried. And in health, I do not understand, because at Revenu Quebec, they have been logging data for a long time and we are able to trace when an employee enters a file without consent, “added Marwah Rizqy.    

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