He was asking for beer during his interrogation


Asked about the disappearance of his pregnant wife, an alcoholic from Beloeil, now accused of murder, told an investigator that he was “thirsty to die” and that a beer would give him the ideas.

“I’m so in the mist. You would give me five, six beers, it would come back to me, “said Alexandre Gendron to Detective Sergeant Éric Gagné.

The suspect, then 35, had drunk his last sip of beer just a few hours earlier, before the investigators of the Sûreté du Québec came to his residence to bring him to headquarters in Montreal. It was August 6, 2015.

His wife, Cheryl Bau-Tremblay, had been missing for five days and the police now considered the case a homicide.

The 29-year-old woman, who was 20 weeks pregnant, reportedly told Gendron that she would leave him if he did not stop drinking. He is currently being tried for the unpremeditated murder of his wife.

Most of his video interviews have already been shown to the jury and to Judge Daniel Royer at the Saint-Hyacinthe courthouse.

“A 24 a day”

On Friday, the 12 jurors were able to hear the accused claiming beer from the investigator Gagné at least eight times in a few hours.

“Is it possible that I go home whistle a few beers and we’ll put this back to tomorrow? Asked Gendron.

The police officer did not comply with his requests, but allowed him to smoke cigarettes.

The suspect spoke candidly about his consumption – “a [box of] 24 a day – stating that he was on the brush for a week”.

He told Detective Sergeant Gagné that he did not know where his spouse was, and that he wanted her to come back.

After three and a half hours of discussions on a voluntary basis, Gendron was put under arrest.

The police searched her residence in Beloeil and found Ms. Bau-Tremblay’s body hidden in a sleeping bag under a bed.

” I did not do anything “

“I do not understand moose, panthe pantout pantoute. How am I accused of murder? I did not do anything, “said the suspect.

Asked about the motives that would have prompted him to commit the alleged murder, Alexander Gendron argued that he “never planned to kill anyone”.

The trial continues Monday with the continuation of the video interrogation.

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