He wants to avoid jail for burying his wife


The man accused of obstruction of justice, after having buried the corpse of his spouse under a pile of stones in Lac-Beauport in November 2016, wishes to avoid prison and a criminal record, to be able to continue his work of ‘orthotist-prosthetist.

As part of the sentencing commentary, Malcolm Tremblay, who confessed in November 2016 that he buried his spouse under a pile of stones after finding her dead with a young baby connected by the umbilical cord, came to her side. bear witness. During a confused testimony, he asked the judge a sentence that would prevent him from having a criminal record.

The maximum penalty for a charge of obstruction of justice is 10 years in prison. Tremblay admitted his guilt on this count alone, after the charge of contempt of a corpse was withdrawn for lack of evidence.

At the time, Malcolm Tremblay was hiding Catherine Racine-Ouellet in an isolated cottage near Lac Tourbillon. He had put the police on a false trail for several months.

A false cousin

Malcolm Tremblay explained that he had hidden the mother, then the child still alive, because he was “caught in a gear” and wanted to avoid being robbed by the authorities. “It was Catherine’s desire to hide the baby,” he said.

The accused is not at a lie in this case. During the preparation of the pre-sentence report, he put the responsibility for several elements surrounding the file on a “famous cousin”.

However, he has now confessed before the judge that this “famous cousin did not exist”. This lie, Tremblay repeated to several organizations, including the College of Physicians. “To preserve a good image of myself,” he explained.

He now says he needs “help,” but has made no move in this direction. While announcing annual revenues of $ 3,000, he says he has $ 50,000 in child support each year, paid mainly by his parents.

Angry family

Catherine Racine-Ouellet’s sister, Vanessa, was in turmoil during the accused’s testimony. “I am tired of being silly … I am in all my states,” she said after the testimony, fearing justice would never be done.

The Crown has not yet proposed the sentence it deems fair to the accused, but has spoken of a prison sentence. The file will return on August 22 for further comments on the sentence.

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