He fled to Canada to avoid justice in Maine


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The man from Burundi has attacked an acquaintance with a disability that prevents him from moving well

A man from Burundi wanted in the United States for a serious sexual assault on a vulnerable woman was arrested in Quebec last February, where he is now being held pending extradition.

Jean Petit Nsabimana, 39, is currently detained in Rivière-des-Prairies prison, but US authorities would like his custody to be tried in the state of Maine. He faces two counts of serious sexual assault and another of kidnapping.

According to the court documents consulted by Le Journal, he allegedly sexually assaulted an acquaintance with a disability last November, forcing him to move in a wheelchair or on crutches.

Forcing to drink

According to the evidence compiled by the US authorities, Nsabimana went to get his victim to bring him to a shower of a mutual friend’s baby. On site, he would have served him two glasses of champagne. He then tried to give him several more drinks, but the lady asked him to stop, believing he was forcing her to drink.

After the evening, the 39-year-old man was to take the woman home, but instead forced him to his own home despite his victim’s categorical refusal.

“He said [to his victim] that his wife was paying too much attention to their newborn and not enough to him, so she did not satisfy him. He also told her that he loved her and wanted to be with her, “he wrote in the Maine Attorney’s summary.

Nsabimana would have remained deaf to the many supplications of the lady to stop his aggression in the car. He would have even used force to satisfy his criminal impulses. Several bruises were noted by a nurse on the body of the victim.

Two days after the alleged assault, the victim complained against the man from Burundi, who had no legal status in the United States.

Escape with his family

On February 3, the Portland, Maine, court ordered him to pay a $ 25,000 bail to obtain his freedom and also to hand over his passport.

He probably would not have done so and he would have fled shortly thereafter to Canada with his family.

He is being held in the custody of the Canada Border Services Agency undergoing “immigration procedures,” the documents read.

Recall that people who are intercepted by Canadian authorities after crossing the border irregularly undergo security screening to ensure that they do not pose a threat, which includes biographic and biometric verification such as fingerprinting digital.

According to court documents, it was only on May 9 that he was formally identified and arrested by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The American authorities absolutely want Nsabimana to be sent back to the United States to face justice, rather than being sent back to his native Burundi, since our southern neighbors do not have extradition treaties with that country. Africa

The 39-year-old will be back in court for further proceedings this Friday.

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