Half a million dollars to find his son

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A Quebecker has been missing in Peru for a little over a year

A Montrealer whose son has been missing in Peru for a little over a year is trying to do it all by putting a $ 500,000 reward on the table.

“I’m just a dad who wants to be able to tell himself that he’s done everything possible to find his child. If it works, I’ll be able to hold my Jesse in my arms. We’ve tried everything, now it’s time to do that, “breathed Todd Galganov, clinging to this slim hope.

Jesse Galganov left the country on September 24, 2017 for a trip that was to last eight months. He gave one last sign of life four days later, warning his mother that he would not be reachable for some time because he was going on a hike.

Since then, both parents of the young man, who would have been 23 years old today, flew to Peru to go looking for him, moving heaven and earth.

The posters, which will be distributed in English, French and Spanish, will show the $ 500,000 American Award.

Drug cartel

Mr Galganov believes there is a “single hypothesis” that would allow him to see his son alive again: he was kidnapped by a drug cartel to help with the production.

“Kidnappings are common there. With such a large amount, I hope to get their attention, if they ever hold it. It will be broadcast all over the country, “says Galganov.

Previously, the reward was about US $ 30,000, but the father believes that this amount was “not high enough to interest the cartels”.

“It was enough for the local population, it represented on average the equivalent of 10 years salary. It was necessary to aim higher. I am extremely fortunate to have family and friends for raising this money, “he says.

Jesse Galganov’s mother fears for her that such a sum draws her lot of false information, she who commissioned a specialized team to conduct research in Peru.


“The investigators will have to search each info, it can waste time. I do not think this is the best way, many profiteers will try, “said Alisa Clamen.

Alisa Clamen
Mother of the disappeared

The latter paid nearly $ 2 million to Magnus International, a company founded by a former Mossad agent.

“I will never stop paying until we have brought his body back here. That’s all that matters, “she drops.


► September 24, 2017

Jesse Galganov leaves Canada for a trip that is supposed to last eight months. Upon his return, he must begin medical school in Philadelphia.

► September 28, 2017

Day of his last sign of life. He warned his mother Alisa Clamen that he would not be reachable for a few days because he was going on a hike.

► 1st of October 2017

Thanks to the intensive research conducted by the team of Magnus International, a company founded by a former Mossad agent and specialized in research, we know that this is the last day he was seen alive.

► October 17, 2017

Dead for several days because she has no news, Alisa Clamen decides to report her disappearance and fly to Peru to help with research.

► October 30, 2017

Montreal businessman Mitch Garber donates $ 100,000 to help with financing. Even today, he and his wife are in huge financial support, confirms Alisa Clamen.

► November 20, 2017

The firm of Magnus International is hired by Alisa Clamen. They have been conducting field research and using all the means at their disposal to gather information. Nearly $ 2 million was spent.

►5 October 2018

Todd Galganov raises the award from $ 30,000 to $ 500,000 to help find his son. He hopes Jesse is being held by a drug cartel.

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