Google publishes new TLD while has been locked by a user

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The domain name is no longer free for developers, according to recent information from the crypto-planet that claim the lock (the purchase of the domain) for $ 12,500. This news came as Google prepares to release this new TLD (top-level domain). locked for $ 12,500

The booking system works like an auction, where developers snap up names that have resale value.

These “leading” areas such as allow users to prioritize marketing.

A profiled user “salsa-system” reported the registration of the domains and by an unknown developer, thus reserving the most famous domain of the currency for about $ 12,500 (management fee required to register domain names).

Apparently, other registers such as are also not available, which leaves a race with famous names related to cryptocurrencies.

The new TLD released by Google

On Tuesday, the owners of tld .dev (Google) also introduced the new Top Level Domain in a blog. They declare:

“We hope that .dev will be a new home for you to build your communities, learn the latest technology and present your projects, all with a perfect domain name.”

In this perspective, Google is trying to reconnect with the community of developers, appalled by the monopolization of the latter of the extension .dev in 2015.

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