Google joins the blockchain’s bandwagon

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According to a Bloomberg report, Google said the company  was studying ways to integrate technology Blockchain its services. These would be two Blockchain projects including a “tamper-proof” auditing system and a Cloud operating platform.

Google running Blockchain technology

Sridhar Ramaswamy– Google’s Senior Vice President of Advertising and Commerce – told CNBC that the search engine giant was improving its products with the Blockchain, although no official announcement has yet been made on this subject.

“This is a subject in full development, so there is nothing definitive yet. We have a small dedicated team on it. 

Basic Blockchain technology is not very scalable in terms of the number of transactions it can execute, “ he commented.

Google hopes to get ahead of the competition, including Microsoft and Amazon, by creating its own distributed registry. An anonymous source, who spoke to Bloomberg, said Google had acquired and invested in several small Blockchain startups,  which has not been officially announced until then.

A Google spokesman announced:

Like many new technologies, we have individuals in various teams exploring the potential uses of the Blockchain, but it is too early to speculate on possible plans.

An enthusiasm heard

The distributed ledger license will help Google distinguish its cloud services from its counterparts such as Amazon’s AWS. It could also secure all customer data. Its parent company, Alphabet is listed in the list of the most active investors among Blockchain startups.

Reactions quickly reappeared on social networks, showing contagious enthusiasm.

Balwinder Singh commented by saying:

Hope it’s as centralized as XRP. I am very confident that the true innovation within blockchain technology will come from Google. True decentralization challenges their business model.

It is now clear that Google intends to move to Blockchain technology, which seems to be very promising although the company does not yet have a Blockchain product on the market. For now, she remains behind IBM Corp, Accenture, Microsoft and Amazon, regarding Blockchain service adoption.

What do you think of using Google’s Blockchain to improve its services? Do you think that their Blockchain will be public or private? Comment in the comments section below.


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