GMO launches “CryptoChips byGMO”

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After allowing its employees to claim a portion of their salary in bitcoins , and while its announcement of the launch of pre-orders for its new B2 miner – presented as the most efficient in the market – is very recent, the Japanese giant GMO Internet Group announces the deployment of an application offering in-game rewards denominated in BTC: CryptoChips byGMO.

The application, planned for both iOS and Android , will initially allow curious players to compete against each other through a military management game called “Whimsical War” .

The winnings will be paid first in bitcoin , based on both the various successes and successes of players in the game but also their overall ranking . The process will require players to manage their own external wallets in order to receive (and then use) their BTC winnings.

The launch is announced for August 2018 by GMO , along with its cloud-mining offering .

Depending on the success achieved, GMO also announces that it may be able to provide support for new cryptocurrencies in the future as well as the widespread use of crypto in-game payment on other mobile applications.

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