Fujitsu Develops Identity Verification Blockchain

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The Japanese IT giant, Fujitsu , has created an identification platform dedicated to users operating an online transaction.

Fujitsu exploits the potential of the Blockchain

Fujitsu incorporates a decentralized identity system (DID) within its platform . This system is based on the Blockchain, and will in particular verify the reliability of credentials by the parties during a transaction.

Although the Blockchain offers huge opportunities for transaction performance through decentralization, Fujitsu has been looking at its potential to secure data.

“The new technology achieves this goal by evaluating users when a transaction is performed and by inferring relationships between users based on past transaction data,” the company said.

Prioritize trust

The product developed by Fujitsu involves a “confidence score” as well as graphics, which will assess the reliability of users.

“A score of trust is assigned to each user by weighting factors including the number of trusted users who rate them highly. Even if a user collaborates with a third party to increase his or her assessment incorrectly, relationships structured in the form of graphs will reveal information such as the weakness of their interferences with other users, thus giving the system the potential to identify the statements. erroneous “; He summarizes.

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