Fraudsters are trying to scam Desjardins members with a clever method!


Nowadays, we are bombarded with scams on all sides, whether by email, text messaging via our cell phone, standard phone, etc. Technology has positive points that are very wonderful, but it also brings a lot of inconvenience like fraud. Of course, fraudsters use the naivety of people and the fact that many people are not very familiar with technology to try to defraud them.

E-mail fraud is the most common type of fraud because fraudsters send a lot of emails to people and there are always some who fall into the trap.

A new scam targeting Desjardins customers has appeared in recent days and could kill many people.

The way people proceed behind this scam is rather ingenious.

So, customers receive the following message by email: “Your Desjardins account: Your Desjardins account is suspended for security reasons.

To remedy this, please click on this link: *** 

Ignore if you have already submitted.

Thank you.”

Obviously, the goal of hackers is to lure victims to click on the hyperlink that is provided in the email.

This hyperlink should then lead to a site that mimics that of Desjardins.

However, once you have sent your personal information to “regain access to your account”, this information will now be in the wrong hands with malicious intent and not at Desjardins. Even people who are not at Desjardins receive fraud attempts! This is because hackers manage to steal information such as emails from already existing sites where you have entered it.

This fraud technique has been used to defraud many companies, this happens regularly with Paypal, Microsoft and even the Canada Revenue Agency!

It is also suspected that the site in question would serve as a gateway to infect the victim’s device with viruses or other malicious programs.

If you clicked on the link, it is important to make sure your device has not been infected.

In the event that you have provided personal information to this fake site, please contact Desjardins immediately to report your case. Also, do not forget that Desjardins will never contact you via e-mail or text messaging to ask you to carry out operations. They will always do it over the phone and again, beware because it can be a fraud!


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