For its 20 years, Google wants to anticipate even more your requests


SAN FRANCISCO | Google is celebrating its twentieth anniversary and, for the occasion, unveiled Monday a series of new features for its search engine, intended in particular to make him even more guess what may interest the user, without him even having him request.

To do this, Google intends to rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning over the next twenty years, said Monday one of the leaders of the American giant, Ben Gomes, who says he wants to always better organize the information and make it accessible to all.

“Research (internet) is not perfect and we are very aware of it,” Gomes told a news conference.

“But we are determined to make it every day more powerful,” he also assured.

In the coming weeks, the group will introduce new features, particularly to offer the user personalized content that revolves around his interests, to deepen certain topics or to post “stories”, a format combining messages. , ephemeral images and videos very popular on the internet.

In short, so many innovations largely inspired by social networks, such as Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram.

Google will also strengthen its “Feed” – already visited by more than 800 million users each month – renamed “Discover”, it will offer even more content that may interest the user : articles, videos ..

It will offer expanded search results to what the user probably wants to know without having done the research yet. These suggestions are based on the information Google has about its users (location, language …) and the general habits of Internet users. For example, someone doing research on a dog breed is likely to want to know how to deal with it or how to get one.

New features will also allow searches to continue for several days by more easily setting aside sites already visited, such as when preparing a trip for example.

Google also said it would strengthen the image search, which should identify the nature of a photographed object.

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