Five tips to cross customs

General Information

Crossing borders is a stressful experience for many people. On the eve of construction holidays, CAA-Quebec offers five tips to make things easier.

1 – With children

Whatever their age, children must have a passport to clear customs. However, the United States accepts, for entry by land, the original birth certificate for children under 16 years of age. It should be remembered that a child traveling with a single parent or other adults must be accompanied by a letter of consent.

2 – Baby formula and baby food

Milk, maternal or infant formula, powdered milk, food and juices, everything must be declared to customs, such as security checks at the airport. It is better to take the minimum and buy it at your destination.

3 – A criminal record

You should know that Canada and the United States share information on criminal matters. Also, do not lie to American agents about this. The United States prohibits access for many types of crimes.

4 – Traveling with a dog

To cross the US border, a dog must be in good health and have recently been vaccinated against rabies, with a certificate. Elsewhere, in the world, the requirements are very variable.

5 – Alcohol, tobacco and shopping

For return to Canada, the allowable allowance for a stay abroad of 24 to 48 hours is $ 200 and $ 800 for 48 hours or more. Alcohol is limited to two bottles of wine or 24 bottles of beer or 1.14 liters of strong alcohol. As for tobacco, the limit equals 200 cigarettes.

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