Fitbit Versa, a Miss France for a connected star


The new Fitbit smartwatch makes a no-fault and offers the former Miss France Marine Lorphelin to refine its image in France.

Farewell the Blaze, up to the Versa, cut to allow Fitbit to regain the market share nibbled by the latest version of the Apple Watch. And the stakes are high for the pioneering brand of connected watches, which suffered in terms of sales last year facing the third generation of connected watch from the Cupertino giant and the striking force of its marketing, its shops and its installed iPhone park. As many faithful, doubly, since changing the smartphone and switch to Android no longer allow them to make use of their Apple Watch … No longer able to use his watch when changing phones, look for the mistake!

Fashion, design and sports

Mais si la Sonic sortie il y a quelques mois était plus que convaincante, entre sa mémoire intégrée, ses fonctions sport complètes et son casque taillé pour le running, son prix de 300 euros l’était moins pour aller braconner sur les terres que compte bien s’arroger Apple. La nouvelle Versa, elle, lancée à la mi-avril, est bien moins chère et devrait rapidement remplacer la Blaze, entre 200 et 240 euros en magasin. Un prix rendu possible notamment par l’absence de GPS intégré (la Versa utilisant en fait le GPS du smartphone). Et pour séduire d’emblée les amatrices d’accessoires de mode et de santé connectée, Fitbit a fait appel en France à une ambassadrice de charme, et de santé : l’ex-Miss France 2013 Marine Lorphelin, étudiante en médecine et sans doute future médecin généraliste…

Beyond its price, what are the advantages of this brand new Versa? Without a doubt, its design, which is not without reminiscent of the Time once envisioned by Pebble. A company just bought by Fitbit for its software as for its design. The aluminum case is waterproof to 50 meters deep: enough to take both a shower and a bath … The announced autonomy of four days remains to be tested, while, as on the Sonic, the memory of 2.5 GB can store about 300 pieces locally. Note that a partnership with Deezer is also available in France.

The screen whose announced brightness is 1000 bits should be perfectly legible in direct sunlight. On the back of the case, we find the now traditional heart rate monitor heart rate continuously. Are also, classically, followed by number of steps, distance traveled, calories. Strong point on which the brand put emphasis during its presentation: the analysis and monitoring of sleep, between light sleep, deep and paradoxical. Provided, of course, to keep his wrist watch under the duvet, which is not the case for everyone. As for sport, the Versa makes it possible to follow about fifteen disciplines.

Finally a rival to the Apple Watch

Small nice feature: power when receiving notifications from his smartphone, certainly less sexy than at Apple, but for both iOS and Android (nice nod to the Apple Watch!), Respond via a quick message pre-recorded but personalized by you. Practice to answer to his boss, his wife, his children a pressure on the screen! Women will also appreciate, in May, to be able to use a dedicated app to follow their cycle.

In the end, here is a connected watch at the same time fashion and design, at a reasonable price, with integrated payment, usable with any smartphone, waterproof, sportive, light. In short, sporty and complete, and less and less dependent on a smartphone … or an OS. A faultless and probably the most convincing creations of Fitbit so far. A very beautiful response from the shepherd to the shepherdess, from the pioneer to the giant Cupertino, which should not leave insensitive urban and urban active, sports, fitness and running enthusiasts. What chew the apple? Who knows, with this Versa also proposed with many fashion bracelets, from the Milanese mesh to the beaded fabric, through hand-crafted leather in Chicago.

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